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frequently asked questions

what is the best way to clean porcelain?

The inside of each piece has a clear glaze on it, so soap and water should do the trick!  Marks can be removed easily from the unglazed portion of each piece (including white porcelain jewellery / accessories) by:

1.  wetting the piece;

2.  sprinkling on baking soda;

3.  scrubbing with a toothbrush   ---   voila!  gleaming porcelain!


how fragile are these?

Porcelain is extremely strong and is meant to be used.  With care, your porcelain should last forever. However, it doesn't bounce very well.


can I trust you to ship them to me in one piece?

Absolutely!  Some of the training I ever received was how to pack ceramics for shipping.  Your piece will arrive in a box, with padding on all sides.   See SHIPPING for more details.


can i put it in the dishwasher?

We recommend the handwashing of all your favourite handmade things  :)


what's the difference between porcelain and ceramic?

Actually, one is a type of the other -- porcelain is a type of clay that is made into ceramic through a firing process.  All clay, when fired, is considered ceramic.  Each type of clay has different attributes:  porcelain is characterized by translucency, whiteness, hardness and non-porousness.  It vitrifies because it is fired to very high temperatures -- our clay body is fired to over 2200 *F.  


how do you get the paint to stay on the jar?

Oh no!  These are handmade in porcelain from molds that we make in the studio.  Everything is done by hand -- from the molds to the clay body to the glaze and all the finishing details.  It's taken years of practice to make them look so clean and effortless.  Don't be fooled by what you might see in the media:  a painted jar will never look like our work.  For the same reason that glass and plaster are perfect for making molds,  paint and glass are not good together:  glass is non-porous and nothing sticks to it.